Schedule & Rates 2018

(per person)
7,930 USD
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NB: If the cruise date above says 'CHARTERED' then it has been booked by a dive group, club or agent. Please contact us and we can usually put you in touch with the agent to confirm their availability; but be aware that it may already be 'FULL', or if it's a private group booking then it is NOT open to any enquiries (but we will do our best to find you an alternative suggestion).

* Regarding our SPECIAL CRUISES, please be aware that should there be any unexpected changes to the special guests' availability then an alternative photographer/biologist will be arranged. For booking agents, please be aware that commission on special cruises is capped.

We will do our best to reply to your message within 24-48 hours (dependant on time-zone and internet access if traveling or remote location). Thanks for your patience.

Arenui Schedule:

When it comes to our annual schedule, the Arenui has chosen the best dive sites based on the best times of year to explore these world famous destinations. In addition to visiting all the usual popular diving sites of Indonesia we have also included other world-class destinations, which are often overlooked by recreational diving operators.

In the future, we have plans to visit new destinations and we are always open to suggestions for new itineraries. If you are interested in chartering the Arenui for a group, then we can discuss new combinations to suit your preferred destinations.

Our annual cycle:

  • - From MAY to OCTOBER we cruise the Komodo National Park area, taking in dive sites and landscapes from Bali right across to Flores and Alor, which can be dived all year round.
  • - Then in NOVEMBER we move towards Ambon in Maluku and the Spice Islands in the Banda Sea, working our way to the Raja Ampat area of Western Papua (the the world 'epicentre of marine biodiversity').
  • - Our cruises continue in Raja Ampat from DECEMBER through until APRIL, before traveling back towards Alor and Komodo National Park (one of the 'New7Wonders of Nature').

Starting in 2014, we will also be visiting the 'Forgotten islands', a remote archipelago in the south-east Moluccas (Maluku Tenggara) with a visit to the port of Saumlaki (capital of the Tanimbar Islands).

Standard Inclusions:

  • - Full board accommodation in double/twin deluxe cabin
  • - The shore activities/excursions according to the program
  • - Soft drinks, water, tea, American/Balinese coffee
  • - Five meals per day
  • - Diving activities (up to 4 dives/day)
  • - Dive cylinders, weights and weight belts
  • - Transfer from/to embarkation/disembarkation airport
  • - Government Taxes
  • - Welcome massage (1/2 hour per person)

Standard Exclusions:

  • - Master cabin supplement (50 USD/person/night surcharge applied to cabins Rama and Shinta)
  • - Administration/port clearance fee
  • - National Parks Entrance Fee
  • - Fuel Surcharge
  • - International and domestic air transportation
  • - Hotels and meals before and after the cruise
  • - Alcoholic drinks, espresso, cappuccino
  • - Dive equipment rental (other than dive cylinders, weights and weight belt)
  • - Nitrox refills
  • - Massages and Spa treatments (other than welcome massage)
  • - Travel insurance
  • - Onboard purchases
  • - Private tours
  • - Laundry
  • - On-board telecommunications
  • - Crew gratuities

Dive Komodo

Offering perhaps the most diverse range of dive sites, Komodo cruises have everything from macro subjects to pelagics, from drift dives over stunning reefs to night dives on black sandy slopes. In the Komodo National Park, now one of the new 7 wonders of nature, we dive over hot springs at an underwater volcano and meet the last living dinosaur. We explore a popular site called Castle Rock, a nice opportunity to try out a 'reef-hook' dive as you secure yourself to the rock and float in the current, watching the schooling fish and predator/prey action!

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Dive Alor & Flores

As well as being one of the best kept secrets for diving in paradise, including rare finds like the beautiful rhinopias but also plenty of pelagic action, this area boasts stunning topside scenery and impressive volcanoes. We also visit the famous Pura Island villagers, who splash out of their wooden dugout canoes and dive underwater with home-made goggles fashioned from wood and glass bottles.

Learn more about Alor & Flores

Dive Maluku & Banda Islands

Unlike other areas, with high populations and subsequent pressure from fishing, the Bandas' relatively small human population has been a blessing for divers - offering a vibrant, healthy reef system with fish life in incredible numbers along with huge gorgonians and sponges and some truly monumental hard corals. Expect plenty of pelagics, widespread muck diving and unexplored coral gardens, as well as a rich colonial heritage on land. Dive Nusa Laut, which showcases the positive effects of a village taking care of its habitat, where the reef remains as unspoiled as it was hundreds of years ago and a favourite of many dive enthusiasts.

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Dive Ambon Bay

The Laha sites are a hidden treasure of amazing critters, including the recently discovered species of frogfish (the psychedelic frogfish) but also mimic octopus, zebra crabs and dozens of different nudi. A very popular photo subject is the eponymous Ambon Scorpionfish in differing hues of red, pink, green, yellow and orange - but keep an eye out for many other members of the scorpionfish family too, including the spiny devilfish, stonefish, zebra lionfish, ragged - finned lionfish and leafy scorpionfish - all venomous but gorgeous!

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Dive Raja Ampat

Famed as the world? epicentre of marine biodiversity, this area offers vibrant underwater colours but also majestic landscapes, so a perfect destination for keen photographers. The waters of the region? 1,500 virtually untouched islands, boast over 1,300 reef fish (25 endemic species), 600 hard corals and 75 % of all known coral species, plus 13 marine mammals and 5 species of endangered sea turtles. Wobbegong sharks hide under colourful coral shelves and the elusive Epaulette 'walking shark' comes out at night. Jump in at Neptune Fan Sea for a great drift dive, rushing along a gulley past giant colourful gorgonian seafans. Manta Sandy is well-known as one of the most consistent spots for finding congregating mantas.

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