During your cruise, you may be visiting National Parks, World Heritage Sites or Marine Protected Areas. A series of regulations & guidelines have been established by Park Authorities & NGO's to ensure a safe & enjoyable experience for visitors and to preserve & protect the natural resources of Indonesia.

On the land - Conservation Awareness

  • Removal or disturbance and the vandalism of any natural product (such as wood products or wildflowers) are prohibited.
  • Hunting and/or harassing wildlife is prohibited.
  • Disturbing or feeding wildlife is dangerous and is strictly prohibited.
  • Disturbing any living natural resource is not allowed. This includes collection and harvesting activities.
  • Dispose of trash or rubbish in containers provided for this purpose.
  • Disturbing any non-living natural resource, including taking of dead coral, shells or stone, is not allowed.
  • Feeding or attracting wildlife with food or bait is not allowed. Fishing in any marine parks is strictly prohibited.

Diving - Conservation Awareness

  • Practice good buoyancy and body control and keep a safe distance from corals and other marine life, particularly in currents or surge. Be careful with your fins.
  • Make sure gauges and other gear are secured so that they do not hang thereby causing damage to corals or other marine life.
  • Underwater photographers should be particularly careful about avoiding physical contact with the reef. A camera is not a license to move, prod or harass marine life.
  • Do not harass any marine life. Do not move marine animals from their substrate, shelter or natural habitat.
  • Possession or use of spear guns and other underwater fishing gear is not allowed.